A Charity, working to prevent male suicide. In 2011, suicide accounted for more deaths of young men in the UK; than road death, murder & HIV/AIDs combined.

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Lazy Gramaphone

Member of the Lazy Gramophone collective; like-minded creative folk fascinated & enthralled by the act of artistic creation, and platform for developing artists.

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Part of the Discipline Skateboards family. A small independent British board company with a very DIY mentality who continue to support UK skateboarding.

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#throwbackthursday 2009ish! #spokenword #poetry
Love these! #truth
@chris_chatt86 killing the floral game!

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Snapshot Songs World Premiere 13 – 14th April…

Two years ago I sat in Rough Trade East talking to Award Winning Composer, Stuart Hancock. He’d seen my work online and wanted to use a piece or two for a musical concert based on London. Well two years later and its finally here! The world premiere performances will be held on the 13-14 April […]

Hey big guy, come gig with us…

Ok, so I finally agreed (plucked up the courage) to get back out there. So on the 7th of April I’ll be doing a short 10mins or so with some of the RRRANTS Collective in Camden. It’s a Monday night so it’ll probably be dead but hey, at least I’ll be easing myself back in. […]