Official website of spoken word artist Mat Lloyd #skaterpoet

"Mat Lloyd has the cap. Mat Lloyd has the words. All he needs now is the beard..." Scroobius Pip


A Guide to Cracks & Curbs: London

Can’t tell you how stoked I am to have been involved with this project for American Magazine ‘Stay Wild’. I have been eagerly awaiting the completed project to hit the web since mid December! As a poet and a skateboarder I jumped at the chance to be involved. Thank you to Hannah Bailey of Neon Stash for asking me to… Read more →


Spoken Word, Poetry & Skateboarding

I’m waiting eagerly for a video to be released online. One that I’m absolutely ‘stoked’ about! I’ve always wanted to mix my passion for spoken word, with my passion for skateboarding, and finally it’s happened. About ten days or so ago, my friend Hannah Bailey called me; she runs Neon Stash and is an awesome advocate for skateboarding and ladies… Read more →


Snapshot Songs World Premiere 13 – 14th April…

Two years ago I sat in Rough Trade East talking to Award Winning Composer, Stuart Hancock. He’d seen my work online and wanted to use a piece or two for a musical concert based on London. Well two years later and its finally here! The world premiere performances will be held on the 13-14 April 2014 at the Barbican, more… Read more →


Hey big guy, come gig with us…

Ok, so I finally agreed (plucked up the courage) to get back out there. So on the 7th of April I’ll be doing a short 10mins or so with some of the RRRANTS Collective in Camden. It’s a Monday night so it’ll probably be dead but hey, at least I’ll be easing myself back in. Come along!!! Gig link should… Read more →